Disclaimer: this list is highly ambitious and most likely all items will never be attained.
  1. Start a book club
    More of a weekly sit down with friends, drink wine, and talk about a book for five minutes
  2. Knitting or crochet
    It'd be so fun just to sit and watch tv and then all of a sudden- I have a scarf!
  3. Play the guitar
    Piano is great but there is such a easiness to being able to whip out a guitar and start playing anywhere.
  4. Become a yogi
    Namaste 🙏🏻
  5. Run a half marathon
    Hell naw am I doing a full marathon...
  6. Plant a garden
    Probably only be an herb garden until I actually have a yard. Or a succulent for now.
  7. Go to a farmers market
    Need to actually support those local farmers. Need to also find recipes that use a pound of tomatoes.
  8. Brew beer
    Super Brooklyn hipster of me but it'd be so fun! Maybe I'll make some artisanal pickles while I'm at it.
  9. Finally finish all those books, tv shows, movies, podcasts etc I started during school...
    It's really hard to fit in all the entertainment over holidays. I also have commitment issues.
  10. Get a boyfriend.
    Yeah I have no excuse now. Dammit...