When we defeat the purpose of snapchat and save those pictures forever. But no regrets.
  1. Because 🍕
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  2. When I saw Rog CRUSH it
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  3. Classic @abthad
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  4. The essentials: beer and French onion dip
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  5. Potty humor
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  6. Cause I'm always on 🔥
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  7. Only my dad would let me do this to him
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  8. I don't really recall this moment...
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  9. 🍦🌈🍦🌈🍦
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  10. When we got free donuts at 2 in the morning. Photo cred: @juliagw
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  11. Scariest alter egos ever
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  12. That one time I wore a crown for a week 👑
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