@mindy was so beautiful and gracious at her book signing at McNally Jackson bookstore in NYC that I had no words and only said "so nice to meet you" five times. Here is what I wish I said...
  1. I'm a huge fan.
    Like the most basic of things to say but cause I'm a dumb and didn't.
  2. Your new book is HILARIOUS.
    I'm only a couple chapters in but I'm already LOLing all the time.
  3. Your first book was even more HILARIOUS.
    Purchased the audio book and made my drives back to Texas very entertaining. I'm surprised I didn't get in a car accident...
  4. I love your style.
    Your fashion sense is amazing - bold bright colors and patterns are my favorite. My closet looks like carnivale threw up. So of course I died when you said I was dressed fabulously today.
  5. The George Foreman Grill episode from the Office is one of my favorites.
    I own every season of the office and have loved learning which episodes you wrote. That show also would not be the same without Kelly.
  6. The Mindy Project is the highlight of my week.
    I look forward to Tuesday's now and specifically refuse to interact with humans to watch it.
  7. I'm extremely jealous you get to make out with Chris Messina
    Danny Castellano is my dream man. If I saw him on the street I would have no self control but I would have no regrets.
  8. Love your friendship with @bjnovak
    Y'all's friendship is amazing and I can only dream to join your inner circle. I don't think I'd be witty enough but I give great compliments and can cook.
  9. Obsessed with @bjnovak 's new app
    I love lists. Who doesn't? This app is genius and @abthad and I can't stop requesting each other lists. I plan to get everyone on it.