1. Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady (aka the best musical ever)
    Eliza is the ultimate character to play in a musical. She's funny, beautiful, charismatic and also complex as she struggles to fit within this new society and be appreciated by the man she loves. Whimsical and entertaining songs such as "Wouldn't it be Loverly" and "Just You Wait" display her individuality and spunk. While "Rain In Spain" and "I Could of Danced" convey her triumph and pure joy. "Show me" and "Without you" display her frustration and in the end new found confidence as a woman.
  2. Eponine from Les Miserables (cause Cosette sucks)
    Eponine epitomizes the tragic character in a musical. While the entire musical is a tragedy, she plays the counterpart to the love story of Cosette and Marius being aware of her loneliness in the song "On my Own". While "A Little Fall of Rain", fulfills all her wishes to simply be held by the man she loves as she dies in his arms.
  3. Elphaba from Wicked (I WILL defy gravity)
    Elphaba fulfills all cliches of the dream roll on Broadway. A freak turned into a powerful majestic star with a killer song "Defying gravity" displaying her new found strength and confidence. However the duets with Glinda also evoke her sympathetic side creating mesmerizing harmonies that capture the beauty of friendship.
  4. The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera (Music of the all night every night)
    Even though it's a man, the phantom has a wayyyy cooler role than any other character. First off: he wears a mask. Second: "Music of the Night" is the most beautiful song composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The psychological complexities of this pariah of society and his obsession of Christine make him one of the most dynamic roles in a musical.
  5. Anita from West Side Story (move over Maria)
    While Maria seems like the obvious choice from West Side Story, Anita definitely crushes it way more. With songs like "America" and "A Boy Like That" we can actually see the complexities of the social differences between the two gangs and the distraught of losing love amidst the star crossed lovers.
  6. Fanny Brice from Funny Girl (no rain on dis parade)
    I mean...Barbara. Streisand. Enough said.
  7. Reverend Mother from Sound of Music (climb every mountain is the most inspiring song ever)
    While all the music in the Sound of Music is the most cherished and appreciated of all the musicals, Reverend mother is truly the star. Not only is "Climb Every Mountain" the most inspirational song in life and while your hiking, she is the one that brings Maria to the Von Trapps and saves them from the Nazis. What a badass!
  8. Maria from Sound of Music (obvi if I'm not Reverend Mother first)
    Who wouldn't want to sing " I have Confidence" and "My Favorite Things"? Kissing Christopher Plummer back in the day wouldn't be bad either.
  9. Javert and Jean Valjean from Les Miserables (simultaneously)
    Les Mis is so good it needs two shout outs. Both of the male leads have so many great soliloquies and duets that there is no way to pick one over the other. It would be the role(s) of a lifetime.
  10. Kathy from Singing In the Rain
    With Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor as co-stars, it's always sunny in your heart! Kathy gets to sing, tap dance and wear 20's fashion. What more do you need in a musical?