I bought an 06 R53 in Pepper White in Feb 2015 and it's a lot of fun on four wheels. It does need some improvements that I will get to as spare change allows. I have already replaced the radio with a Bluetooth radio that matches the OEM dash light color closely. I also prefer function over form, but want my functional stuff to have nice form.
  1. Diagnose, fix/replace throttle body or bypass valve triggering codes P1242 and P1238
  2. Fix squeaky rear passenger-side brake
  3. Check and replace spark plugs
  4. Repaint hood after scratch filler mishap
  5. Figure out which decals to put on hood and sides
  6. Repair cracked leather in driver seat
  7. Replace the wheels due to front-passenger wheel rash (decide on switching to 16in tires after doing research on handling, etc)
  8. Address vibrating rear bumper
  9. Restore or replace headlights