I have to leave a lot of great coaches off this list, but these ones mean the most to me in terms of my development as a coach.
  1. Gregg Popovich
    A tactical genius, skilled in managing player egos. Go Spurs Go!
  2. Mike Krzyzewski
    I am no longer the Duke fan I once was, but that doesn't change how I feel about Coach K. His teams always do the little things that separate good teams and great teams.
  3. Jim Rhodes
    The coach from whom I learned almost everything I know. One of the most upstanding and honorable men I know. Current high school basketball coach near Charlotte, NC.
  4. Don Haskins
    Partially fueled by the "Glory Road" movie myth, but he did the right thing in very tough circumstances. I love his style of basketball, even though he learned you have to let your players loose. I also love how recruited players that no one else wanted. Those are my favorite guys to find.
  5. John Wooden
    A legend and arguably the greatest basketball coach of all time, with the championships to back it up. Another guy who simply didn't cut corners.