Choosing one per team, otherwise I'd list the whole Spurs roster
  1. Blazers: Damian Lillard
    Not much to like here, but he's young and explosive.
  2. Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo
    He's an athletic freak and seems like a really good guy.
  3. Bulls: Nikola Mirotic
    Soft defensively, but he's got great potential.
  4. Cavs: LeBron James
    I can't shy away from the current greatest player in the NBA. Regardless of how people perceive him, he's incredibly talented and hard-working.
  5. Celtics: Brad Stevens
    I can't stand the Celtics. There's not anyone on this team I would dislike much individually, but being on this team isn't a good look. No individual player stands out to me either. Brad Stevens, though, is an excellent young coach with a bright future.
  6. Clippers: Blake Griffin
    I don't like the fake tough-guy persona or the Clippers in general, but he's very talented and seems like a fun guy off the court.
  7. Grizzlies: Vince Carter
    Selected solely for his past play. I'm pretty indifferent towards the Grizzlies.
  8. Hawks: Dennis Schröeder
    Almost picked Tiago Splitter purely because he used to play for San Antonio, but Schröeder has sweet hair.
  9. Heat: Chris Bosh
    There's a lot of characters in Miami, but it's hard to root against Bosh. He's never really instigated any beef and he had to endure those horrific years in Toronto.
  10. Hornets: Cody Zeller
    He's not the Hornets' best young big man, but he has a great goofy personality. Wanted to pick Kemba Walker but I'm still not convinced he's a long-term solution.
  11. Jazz: Trevor Booker
    Former Clemson player can throw down and hustle with the best of em.
  12. Kings: Boogie Cousins
    Marco Belinelli, an Italian gunner and former Spur, nearly took this spot, but how can I pick against a guy named Boogie?
  13. Knicks: Carmelo Anthony
    The simple pick here is Melo, an all-star caliber player who's been out of form recently. He's still capable of putting up massive numbers. Besides, the rest of the roster is unimpressive.
  14. Lakers: Kobe Bryant
    I wouldn't dare pick against the Black Mamba. He's got the grit, toughness, and work ethic to will his team to victory.
  15. Magic: Mario Hezonja
    He's super cocky and talks a lot of trash, so that's gonna make for an entertaining season.
  16. Mavs: Dirk Nowitzki
    The German Moses! Everyone drafting international players is *still* trying to find the next Dirk.
  17. Nets: Bojan Bogdanovic
    Exclusively for name reasons.
  18. Nuggets: Kenneth Faried
    Overall an underwhelming roster, but Faried out-hustles and out-works nearly everyone in the league.
  19. Pacers: George Hill
    Former San Antonio Spur, whose trade brought us Kawhi Leonard. From that perspective, he's one of the greatest values to the Spurs organization.
  20. Pelicans: Anthony Davis
    You're crazy if you don't pick Davis. One of the most athletically gifted players of my lifetime.
  21. Pistons: Reggie Jackson
    A gunner. Carried Boston College while he was there.
  22. Raptors: Kyle Lowry
    Who knew he could be good until he went North.
  23. Rockets: KJ McDaniels
    Tough to pick against Harden, but KJ was the only good thing about Clemson basketball for a long time and I want so badly for him to succeed in the NBA.
  24. Sixers: Joel Embiid
    Not a fan for basketball reasons. Embiid is actually kind of annoying because he's always hurt. But he's hilarious on Twitter.
  25. Spurs: Tim Duncan
    I want to pick all of them and Kawhi will take over eventually. Manu or Boris would've been fun. However, Timmy gave me a reason to love the NBA.
  26. Suns: Tyson Chandler
    They don't really have anyone else I care about, and Chandler has been a solid contributor in the league for years. He has weirdly skinny legs though.
  27. Thunder: Russell Westbrook
    KD is more of a threat because of his size and shooting range, but Russ is a star. He is the next closest thing to Kobe.
  28. Timberwolves: Zach Lavine
    Dunk. Champ. He's so entertaining.
  29. Warriors: Steph Curry
    I hate Under Armour but this is a no-brainer. Steph is a great guy and an otherworldly talent. He's the other best player in the NBA.
  30. Wizards: John Wall
    Just because I got to see him play in high school.