1. Twilight
    Jk, Parks and Rec joke. There best not be Twilight anywhere near my time capsule.
  2. Basketball
    My nice one. But then I'd have to buy a new one.
  3. Tiger Rag
    Gotta celebrate Clemson and that won't take up much space.
  4. Bible
    An ESV, but not the one I use now. I'd buy one for the time capsule.
  5. Flat Bill Spurs hat
    Those things probably won't be popular when the time capsule is reopened.
  6. Some of my favorite movies
    Remember the Titans and Fast & Furious franchise. DVDs but also electronic format in case DVDs aren't a thing anymore.
  7. iPhone
    As long as I am also getting one to replace the current iPhone I have
  8. Pair of shoes
    Not sure how is pick. I'd want ones that are cool, but also ones I wouldn't miss much.
  9. A Twinkie
    Just to prove that it will still be edible