Things That Are Underrated Imo

I've mentioned several in the past. These are things that my friends don't respect as much as I think they should.
  1. The Incredibles
    It's in my top 5 Disney movies
  2. Ellie Goulding
    "On My Mind" is my jam right now
  3. Wake Flocka Flame
    Get on my level by listening to Waka
  4. A$AP Rocky
    L$D is my favorite A$AP song right now
  5. Chris Young
    I like country music, and he's got some of the manliest lyrics out right now
  6. Feta
    I've been on a major feta kick for several months. At this point it may be more "lifestyle" than "kick."
  7. The NBA
    People hate on it by saying it's not real basketball and that they don't play defense. Well then let me see you score on LeBron.
  8. The Fast & The Furious franchise
    It gets very little love among my friend group