Best first. Chronological order is a coincidence.
  1. Senior
    I had it all figured out: sweet apartment, easy class schedule, and the most friends (since I had 4 yrs to accumulate). Also have to include summer before senior year when I lived in Clemson and had a ballin time.
  2. Junior
    We chilled so hard this year and I absolutely ripped through my classes. This is when my friendships really got close, and that's what separates this from sophomore year.
  3. Sophomore
    Finally got into my major classes and we had THE best hangout room on campus. Just constant hanging out with every fun thing we could want. Tons of friends but not necessarily super close.
  4. Freshman
    I wanted to rank this higher because of all the new experiences and growing up I had to do, but I really blew it in a lot of aspects freshman year. Nearly got a boost from me being a part of Eureka.