Inspired by having gone to see "Two Days, One Night" last weekend and seeing that no one on here has mentioned them yet.
  1. Le Fils (The Son) (2002).
    First one I saw, easily my favorite. The intense intimacy of spending so much time with the back of Olivier Gourmet's neck will not leave me.
  2. Rosetta (1999).
    This one worked especially well for me, too. It's about crushing poverty, as always, but the performance of Émilie Dequenne, and especially the setting--the waffle stand, the grounds around the trailer park--make this one stand out.
  3. Le gamin au vélo (The Kid with a Bike) (2011).
    I love the warmth and awkwardness of the relationship at the center of this one. And the Dardennes' understated approach to representing violence is excellent here.
  4. Deux jours, une nuit (Two Days, One Night) (2014).
    Maybe their simplest film yet: a woman talks to each of her coworkers, hoping they'll vote to give up their €1000 bonus so that she can keep her job. It's basically, brilliantly, a catalog of emotional responses to capitalism. There was some weird, off-putting emphasis on Marion Cotillard's body, though, I thought.
  5. Le silence de Lorna (Lorna's Silence) (2008).
    Still good, but hasn't stayed with me.
  6. L'enfant (The Child) (2005).
    One of their most acclaimed, but to me, meh. I think maybe I'm just not that into Jérémie Renier.
  7. La promesse (The Promise) (1996).
    The simplicity of this one put me off a little. Still admirable, but somehow it seemed overdone.
  8. If your order is different, I'd be interested to hear that. I haven't seen the documentaries, either--any recommendations?