Yeah, this is straight up bragging. But about making a small contribution to what other people did, so maybe not totally asshole-ish? And I'd love to see other people's lists.
  1. @bjnovak's One More Thing.
    Not entirely unrelated to my being here, of course.
  2. Jonathan Freedman's Klezmer America.
    Great book, and I love that I get cited for remembering that just before she fucks for the first time, Marjorie Morningstar eats Chinese food.
  3. Lori Harrison-Kahan's The White Negress.
    I'd translate Yiddish Sophie Tucker lyrics for a friend anytime.
  4. Anita Norich's Discovering Exile.
    Possibly the longest bibliography of Yiddish sources in any book published in English. And it was an honor to check those.
  5. Deborah Dash Moore, ed., The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization, vol. 10., 1973-2005.
    Pretty useful book, if you have a spare $112.
  6. Lia Brozgal's Against Autobiography.
    One of my favorite people wrote a very smart book. About Franco-Tunisian novelist and intellectual Albert Memmi.
  7. A whole lot of terrible/insane/wonderful "books" that resulted from my association with Blue Mountain Arts.