Every cheese I eat during my Paris sabbatical (running list)

For the purpose of remembering, I'm going to record notes on every cheese I get from Androuet (the great Parisian frommagerie, a branch of which is right up the street from my apartment) over the next six months.
  1. Téoulette.
    I asked for a soft brebis, got this recommended. On the more pungent end, very soft texture. Very good.
  2. Tomme Rillac
    I asked for a nutty tomme, was told this tastes like walnuts. It does. Salty, pretty soft.
  3. Tentation Vercor
    Best creamy cheese we've found so far; not so gooey or over-the-top as say a Brillat-Savarin, kind of mild but just perfect.
  4. Tomme Fermier
    My favorite Tomme so far. Not quite as nutty as some of them, but still lots of distinctive flavor.
  5. Comte, 16 à 20 mois
    With Comte, it's about finding the one that sits right with you—the longer they're aged, the stronger they are. This is medium, and just impossible to not eat.
  6. St Marcellin.
    Great choice if you want a medium-strong, creamy French cheese but not a huge piece. Pretty classic.
  7. Trappe d'Echourgnac
    Walnut tasting, and perfect.
  8. Elutcha
    Some kind of tomme, but drier, saltier, almost evoking parmesan or pecorino.