Use one of your next invites for them, if you're closer to them than I am? (Feel free to add.)
  1. Mallory Ortberg.
    Her best pieces on The Toast are in list form already. Seems like a slam dunk.
  2. Simon Rich.
    We overlapped at the Lampoon just long enough for me to observe that he's one of the most naturally gifted comedy writers ever.
  3. Jill Soloway.
    Transparent is one of my favorite things, ever, and I suspect she'd love how hard people on here are Jewing it up.
  4. Jeet Heer.
    He basically does only lists on Twitter, anyhow, and knows a lot about a lot of things.
  5. Brooke Gladstone.
    Thinks deep about media (On the Media is a pretty terrific radio show), would probably have a field day with this.
  6. Sarah Koenig.
    Wife-of-a-friend, who'd I'd mostly want on here to respond to the many Serial-related lists. Which might be super-annoying for her?
  7. Sasha Weiss.
    A really smart editor, and the time I met her, she pivoted from talking about contemporary poetry to gaming Reddit for pageviews very impressively. Would be interested to see what she'd do here.
  8. Adele Waldman
    @Ayelet's name twin! Amazing writer and thinker of mid 20s/early 30s nihilistic thoughts. Cultural critic in the most subtle way!
    Suggested by @lenadunham
  9. Durga Chew-Boss
    Genius on matters of race& feminism
    Suggested by @lenadunham
  10. Emily Nussbaum.
    I don't read her religiously, but she has written a couple of things that have made me fall in love with her. Her True Detective piece was, for my money, 💯.