There's something really heymish (homey, comfortable) about ListApp, so I figured I should do my professional duty on this.
  1. It is a language.
    No, not a dialect of German.
  2. It's about a thousand years old.
    Give or take.
  3. It's no cuter (dirtier, sweeter, etc) than any other language.
    All languages allow their speakers to express a full range of human emotions. Shut up, neo-Sapir-Whorfians.
  4. Lots of people still speak it.
    Over 150,000 in the U.S. in 2010. Mostly religious people, yes, but not entirely.
  5. It has a rich, wonderful literature.
    Tens of thousands of books. Come see them, if you're in the neighborhood.
  6. Lenny Bruce did not really speak it.
    Which is not a criticism of him.
  7. It's pretty easy to learn.
    Especially if you already know English and the Hebrew alphabet.
  8. מ׳קען שרייבן אויף יידיש דא.
    א מחיה!
  9. The book "Boychics In The Hood" will give you a sense of how language unlocks doors that nothing else can.
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    Some day, I'll tell you about meeting the author at a Shabbes Table in Berlin.
    Suggested by @evan