ListApp has been compared to camp, Soho House, and Tidal. I'm comparing it here to a nonprofit that I'm guessing has tried/will try to get a bunch of you involved.
  1. Reboot is an organization that annually flies a group of high-achieving youngish Jews (plus a few academics like me) to Park City to talk about being Jewish. I went in 2011. See:
    The only person on here who I met there, I think, was @mokoyfman. But there have to be others who went other years? And others who've been approached?
  2. Both are invite-only. Both have lots of Jews. Both involve lots of impressive people.
  3. For-profit (ListApp) > Nonprofit (Reboot)
    Reboot takes in millions every year from Jewish charities/foundations and spends it on mostly millionaires (while there are still Holocaust survivors living in poverty). ListApp is going to make @bjnovak and @dev very wealthy, I'm guessing, is taking no donations, and, nonetheless, is achieving a lot.
  4. Expertise valued (ListApp) > Be cool (Reboot).
    ListApp is a place where knowing your shit makes you the shit. What trends is @samboyd on how to make a short film, @gabimoskowitz and @molliekatzen on food, comedy writers writing comedy, @zoe and @lenadunham being insightful and honest. At Reboot, it felt like you were just supposed to stay cool, not get excited, and definitely not mention that so-and-so is an amazing writer/performer/whatever you've always admired.
  5. Talking when you have something to say (ListApp) > Lots of in-person awkward small talk (Reboot).
    It sounds like people had fun at the meet-ups, but I'm pretty sure I'd be awkward as fuck if I met most of you in a big group. One of the reasons I really didn't enjoy my time at Reboot was that it was filled with tons of the bullshit small-talk that comes with awkwardly meeting people. (I'm sure it would've been fine if I were cooler.)
  6. Jewishness as a natural thing (ListApp) > Jewishness feeling forced and needing to be played down (Reboot).
    The most common thing people said at Reboot, in my memory, is, "I don't know why I'm here, I'm not even really into Jewish stuff." Which is fine, but kind of annoying, because, if so, maybe don't take a free trip to Park City to hang out with strangers for no reason? Whereas here, people just seem genuinely relaxed about talking about Jewishness if/when it's relevant.
  7. Having said all this, and despite having had a pretty terrible time myself, I have a lot of respect for Reboot. They get incredible people to participate, and I saw it have a transformational effect on a few such people. And a few of their projects (Sukkah City, especially), are wonderful.
    But the ListApp beta makes me much more optimistic about the potential of the new kinds of communities that are possible now.