Personal, but feel free to come along.
  1. At least one list a day.
    This is too interesting a social experiment to not be all-in. Worth prioritizing.
  2. Be more vulnerable.
    If the people on here with substantial public followings can be so open and honest, I can ditch the professorial reserve I try to maintain on other social media. No one should give a shit.
  3. Follow more people. Like, everybody.
    Unlike Twitter, which just feels like a mess to me lately (and I don't think I understood in the first place), here I really do want to see everything that's happening.
  4. Try to remember how to write comedy.
    I made the Lampoon based at least partly on the support of friends, and I was never in the same league as most of those genuine comedy geniuses (hi @helytimes @kce00 @davekingthing), and never aspired to a career in comedy writing. But I did learn how to write a serviceable "list piece" back then and I guess I should be able to draw on that here.
  5. Find a use for numbered lists.
    Nobody seems to be doing that. I wonder why?
  6. Stop freaking out every time @Ayelet posts a candid photo of her husband.
    Deep breaths. He's just a person who writes books, like a lot of other people.