If you're around, drop a line.
  1. Coming back to the 11th felt like coming home.
    I fucking love this quartier.
  2. Discovered that we're Airbnb'ing the apartment of a serious Jewish Studies scholar.
    Her book collection, and CV, are amazing.
  3. Sliced my finger open.
    Because, as they say, it's not the sharp knives that'll get you, but the shitty ones bought at IKEA and left in the apartment you Airbnb'd.
  4. Took my five-year-old for an expensive steak au poivre.
    Because that's why we're here.
  5. Eaten trayf at every meal.
    (Except breakfasts.) Even when we bought kosher chicken, because the kosher butcher down the street is the closest, @SaraKippur cooked the mushrooms in butter.
  6. Had better wine, cheese, bread, vegetables, dairy, dessert than I ever get at home.
    As always.
  7. Have been speaking more French than usual, with mixed results.
    Best exchange so far was when I went to pick up the Vietnamese food and made it through flawlessly until the guy asked if I wanted "baguettes" and I looked him like, dude, I don't need a loaf of bread from you, until he reminded me that "baguettes" are chopsticks.
  8. Discovered a new favorite place.
    The Cent Quatre, up in the 19th. I kind of don't want to tell people about it.
  9. Have been mostly off List App.
    Because I haven't installed it yet on the old unlocked 4S I've been using. What've I been missing?