1. How come your anti-Semitic graffiti is so subtle, Paris?
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    I had to explain this to someone who thought it was Jewish graffiti.
  2. What are you thinking, having a parade that cuts off foot traffic in the goddamn Marais?
    I mean, it was a pretty spectacular Caribbean islands festival or something. But still.
  3. Why is there not an app that tells you which end of the train to board depending on what Metro line you're transferring to?
    It couldn't be that much coding, and then sell the thing to the RATP.
  4. How does a restaurant hand you a menu and then tell you they're out of everything, except one thing?
    Tasty, but seriously, wtf?
  5. Why does every single thing, even what we cook at home, taste so much better?
  6. How can anyone not love this city?