End of June to end of July. Avec les enfants. Come say hi, ListAppers? (Also, @SaraKippur, we've got to start making reservations!)
  1. Le Servan
    Haven't been yet, but it sounds great.
  2. Bistrot Paul Bert
    Hands-down best damn steak au poivre. Only problem is that they cost a fortune and we have to order at least three now, because of the way our kids eat steak.
  3. West Country Girl
    Haven't been lately--always end up at other, more convenient creperies--but I do love this place, and it's closer to our apartment this time.
  4. Philou
    Still the bistro to beat.
  5. Bones
    A little hesitant about an Australian cooking in an Irish pub in Paris. But it's nearby and worth a try.
  6. Chez Aline
    Sandwich shop right near our apartment? Here's hoping it lives up the recommendation.
  7. Come a Casa
    A new Italian place to try? Okay!
  8. Septime.
    Been a couple times, always very good. Probably for lunch?
  9. Random Vietnamese place.
    Near our friend Laure's apartment, killer bo bun. I don't even remember what arrondissement this is in.
  10. La Bocca Della Verita
    Amazingly delicious (and light!) Italian food in a very hip and intimate environment
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  11. Pierre Sang Boyer.
    I wasn't in love with it the last time we went, but @SaraKippur swears by it, and I'm willing to give it another go.
  12. Ellsworth. (h/t @stellastahl)
  13. Vivant (h/t @zoe).
  14. Le Chateaubriand
    Suggested by @celesteballard
  15. L'Ami Louis.
    We're definitely not going there this time, because it's best for a group of six (with the person paying on an expense account or really rich), but in case you're referring to this list, have a big group, and can drop about €500, I regularly dream of the escargot from this place, which are about four times the size of any others I've ever seen. Classic, slightly cheesy old-school bistro.
  16. Miznon
    Suggested by @joshthecook