Not that any of you would have a reason to move here. Also: can this be a ListApp genre (like "Memoir by" and recently "Firsts") and can I get credit for starting it? Thanks.
  1. Pro: 3,000 sq/f house for less than the cost of a studio in Carroll Gardens.
    Helps when you're a couple of academics.
  2. Pro-ish: Less than two-hour drive to get to New York and Boston.
    Backhanded, I know, like how the best thing about Ann Arbor is all the direct flights from DTW to get away.
  3. Pro: The Hartford Baking Company.
    Great coffee, bread, pastries, sandwiches, with none of the shittiness/pretentiousness a place this good would probably have in Brooklyn/Austin/SF/LA.
  4. Pro: Cheap/free parking. And very little traffic.
  5. Pro/con: Deer in my backyard all the time.
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    Nature/rats the size of horses, depending on your perspective.
  6. Con: No edible sushi within about 40 miles, unless you count Whole Foods.
    This makes me sad very often.
  7. Con: Only 4-5 decent restaurants.
    And decent, not great. Not exciting for a date.
  8. Con: Almost everyone you meet works in insurance in some capacity.
    Which is fine, I guess. But, you know.