Not exactly typical, @bjnovak, but not far off.
  1. 4:45-5:30: Somehow make dinner while juggling a 1-year-old and a 5-year-old.
  2. 5:30: Dinner.
  3. 6:30: Read books to Noemi, get her dressed for bed.
  4. 7: Put Noemi to sleep.
  5. 7:15-7:45: Play checkers with Asher, read him a book.
  6. 8: Asher's asleep.
  7. 8-8:30: Clean up from dinner and tidy up the house while watching The Daily Show.
  8. 8:30-9: One run of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Cup of tea.
  9. 9-11: Read essay for @blakelambert; revise abstract for a conference panel proposal; skim through Sefer Ha'agadah to find narrative from the rabbinic tradition to teach in an upcoming course; read a little of Albert Cohen's Belle du Seigneur (which is seriously great); check ListApp.
  10. 11: Say goodnight to @SaraKippur.
  11. 11:05-11:17: Respond to list request. Publish list. Phone on DND. G'night, ListApp.