Inspired by @estherk.
  1. Made a tuna sandwich for my son.
    Because @SaraKippur hates the smell.
  2. Passed my citizenship exam.
    I guess I'm an American now? Pending that oath ceremony thing.
  3. Had a dental appointment where I charmed them so much that for once they didn't even give me shit about not flossing.
  4. Got a coffee and sandwich but had to leave before noon because @SaraKippur didn't want me crashing her lunch with a friend.
  5. Almost finished revising my syllabus for English 269: American Literature after 1865, which I'm teaching this fall.
  6. Wrote about 400 words of this article I'm behind deadline on, about late-1940s American literature.
  7. Spent a few hours with my 16-month-old daughter, who has a cold. (Is there a sad baby emoji?)
  8. Made rigatoni bolognese for my kids.
  9. Went out for Thai food.
  10. Now sitting in a theater and waiting for "Amy" to start.