What the shit is this National Sibling Day all of a sudden? But I do love my brother. Ask @blakelambert for a list, people.
  1. Sub-Saharan Africa.
    He has reported from Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Congo, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Rwanda, and probably a whole bunch more that I can't remember.
  2. NGOs.
    Not in a good way. He has seen the dark side of them (see #1).
  3. Rob Ford.
    Scandal + Toronto is basically irresistible to him, and I think he's been thinking about this an unhealthy amount.
  4. What it feels like to live in the Arctic.
    He did that for a while, too.
  5. Fake Twitter accounts in the names of African leaders
    I know Omar Bongo used to be one of his favorites, but a current list would surely be helpful.
  6. Blade 2.
    Which he really likes, for some reason I don't think I'll ever understand.