A first attempt at literary history on ListApp; from the Knopf company archives at the Harry Ransom Center, UT Austin.
  1. "I'm afraid they are utterly untranslatable, at least into anything that could be expected to sell more than 750 copies in the United States." (1949)
  2. "The translation of one of these stories, and its publication by Partisan Review... does nothing to alter my judgment that these stories are commercially untranslatable." (1952)
  3. "His stories are very remarkable in the most arcane of possible ways--and a translated volume of them would have some enthusiasts and almost no sale." (1955)
  4. "I am inclined to feel we ought to undertake the book, but I'd want to make clear that I think we'd be doing it on the basis of quality--with profits very doubtful." (1957)
  5. Coda: Borges' stories were first published in book form in English in the United States by Grove Press and New Directions, in 1962.