I'm almost done writing a piece about the new Netflix prequel series, which is amazing, and I'd love some quotes from ListApp folks about what the movie means to them. Add as suggestions. Ideally "on the record," if you're willing (if not, just say, "don't quote" and I won't). I'll start.
  1. The moment when Coop, JJ, and Gary stand motionless against a building makes me lose my shit every time.
  2. The moment when Coop's on the phone with his parents, to tell them he met someone, and then says, "She might be. She has a pretty big nose." Bravura moment of "Hey, this is how Jews talk."
  3. When WET HOT came out on DVD I immediately assembled my parents to show them what I thought was the latest great American comedy film. It did not go well. My mother left the room halfway through, and I'll never forget what she said on the way out. "This is for young people."
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  4. The heroin addiction on a trip into town montage.
    Suggested by @samboyd
  5. It is hard to articulate why and how I love this movie so much but it is one of the only movies I feel like watching ALL THE TIME: so many styles of humor (absurd, slapstick, parody, goofy, deadpan, cringe...and stand up, if Alan Shemper's emceeing counts), unreal cast, makes me laugh out loud every time
    Suggested by @klrosenb