Alternately, feelings you may have felt.
  1. You go out with a new group of friends.
  2. And these new friends take you to a new place.
  3. You're wary, but you keep an open mind.
    To clarify, you're not wary because you're like a stray cat and you're worried they're going to kick you; you're wary because most places suck and you already know a place you like.
  4. And then you get to the place, and it's like Charlie entering the chocolate factory: the place is perfect and your eyes go wide with wonder.
  5. Ambiance? Dope. Food? Dope. Music? Dope. Drinks? Dope. Dope? Nope, which is great because I ain't trying to smell weed while I eat.
  6. And then, something clicks in your brain, and you get really pumped because you thought of a different friend who would love this spot.
  7. You look around, and you just know this is THEIR spot. You can picture them everywhere.
    That couch is their size, the food is based around their dietary concerns, you're pretty sure the Spotify playlist playing is actually one they made, the cocktails all use their favorite alcohol.
  8. Suddenly, this isn't your new friends' spot, or even your spot. It's your old friend's.
  9. Their missing presence is palpable, like perfume lingering after someone leaves.
  10. So you make a note to invite your friend ASAP.
  11. But then.
  12. Then you remember you can't.
  13. Maybe this friend lives somewhere else now, or maybe you had a falling out, or maybe you two just drifted apart.
  14. Either way, you can't invite them.
  15. And now you're in a weird place; you smile and laugh for your new friends, but you're not there anymore.
  16. You're thinking about how you never text this other person anymore.
  17. Or how they never call you on your cellphone.
  18. Late night when they neeeeeeed your love.
  19. But you know when your hotline bling.
  20. It can only mean one thing.
  21. Man.
  22. Drake knows what he's doing.
  23. Did you guys see the NBA all star weekend? Drake killed it.
  24. If anything, he was underutilized.
  25. Anyway, to sum up, Drake is dope.
  26. Realizing Drake is great is an experience we've all experienced.
  27. I think that's the point I was trying to make when I started this list.
  28. Yeah.
  29. That was probably it.