Once, years ago, after reading my friend Fortesa Latifi's poetry I decided to try something new: I wrote a poem on my phone while drunkenly walking home with friends. It's the only poem I've ever written on my phone, and very unlike my normal stuff. Since I'm lazy I never saved it on my computer; I've decided to preserve it here instead.
  1. (A note, this was originally written as one long sentence without any line breaks. Adapting it was quite... Interesting.)
    (Interesting here means frustrating.)
  2. Without further ado, the poem 'Still We Came Again'
  3. And I walk into the only café that's open under the pale morning stars with you at my side because we can only see this as the place we used to go and not as the place we go now
  4. but still you and I sit at this small wooden table with smoke and noise spilling from the strangers all around us
  5. and as my fingers skate through dunes of spilled sugar I feel so alone because I'm faced with the fact that we are no longer new to this place and we no longer have all the time in the world ahead of us
  6. but instead we just have the here
  7. and we just have the now
  8. and we just have the moment before we say goodbye.