These are thoughts I had today. After my flight was delayed. Four separate times.
  2. Hmm, that's kind of annoying, but at least I can finish this episode of top gear and see who won the 1993 dunk contest.
    (NBA tv was running each dunk contest in order today and it was 🔥🔥🔥)
  3. I wish I had gotten this text five minutes earlier instead of between putting on my right and left shoe.
  4. Do I take off my left shoe?
  5. Should I just put on my right shoe early?
  6. Holy cow Kenny, no wonder they called you The Jet!
  7. Should I wake up my roommate and tell him Kenny is about to win this dunk contest 23 years ago?
  8. Kenny lost?!
  9. Whatever, the dunk contest is rigged. I'm just going to the airport.
  10. AFTER DELAY #2
  11. I seriously need to get these texts 5 minutes earlier.
  12. Do I just ask the uber to turn around?
  13. I've walked to the gas station on that corner before, I'm really not that far from home...
  14. No, just go. You can get to the airport early and instead of being stressed you can listen to Vince Staples, drink, and people watch.
  15. Is it rude if I put on headphones right now to listen to Vince Staples?
  16. 🎶 Norf side long beach. NORF SIDE LONG BEACH!
  17. Man, Vince is dope.
  18. AFTER DELAY #3
  19. Definitely time to switch to whiskey.
  20. They are not giving the people what they want.
  21. Should I tell the guy sitting next to me that the people aren't getting what they want?
  22. No, he won't get that reference.
  23. Him: "These delays are getting ridiculous."
  24. Okay, he started a convo, he wants to hear it.
  25. Me: "I know, you gotta give the people what they want!"
  26. Nope, he definitely didn't get that.
  27. AFTER DELAY #4
    (Which delayed my flight 24 hours.)
  28. Honestly this experience is frustrating but at least the wait feels shorter than the college basketball shot clock.
  29. 🎶 Norf side long beach. NORF SIDE LONG BEACH!