My top 7. Who would you fight?
  1. Justin Bieber
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    If you didn't look so much like Ellen DeGeneres I'd really want to kick your ass, bitch!
  2. Yolanda Saldívar
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    Imagine who Selena would be today you bitch!
  3. Donald Trump
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    You smug son of a bitch
  4. David Schwimmer
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    Love you in Friends though. Band of Brothers, on the other hand, you son of a bitch!
  5. Jack Nicholson
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    The Shining ruined me for life. Thanks bitch!
  6. Hank Schrader
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    Why couldn't you just stay out of it...bitch
  7. The guy who stabbed Adam Goldberg slowly in Saving Private Ryan
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    Who doesn't agree? Bitch?