1. On the sustainability problems of the Sochi Olympic infrastructure. A 7 year journey of deterioration directed by Richard Linklater
  2. "Florida Man" Following Shaquille O'Neal's police work in Miami, directed by Michael Bay.
  3. "Flying Coach" Chronicles of MLB vets returning to the minor leagues and small towns after years in the big leagues. Directed by Wes Anderson.
  4. Anything about the Badwater 135 race, directed by Ang Lee.
  5. "Kids These Days" On entitlement and enabling cultures of AAU basketball circuits, directed by Spike Lee.
  6. "The George Foreman Grill" A short film presented by Beats by Dre.
  7. "No Country for Fast Men" The journeys of independent Olympic athletes who don't represent any country, directed by David Fincher.
  8. "Jersey Room" A look inside the White House's sports memorabilia collection. Presented by and starring Barack Obama.
  9. "Extra Lives" What happens next for the recent NFL players who have retired early amidst concerns over player safety. A future project for director and producer Peter Berg.
  10. "What If I Didn't Tell You: The Humble Beginnings of Thr Silent Contest" Directed by your Mom and Dad on a car trip. Narrated by the What If I Told You Guy.
    Suggested by @tonyreali