Tom Brady is suspended 4 games, the Patriots fines $1million and lose a first and fourth round draft pick. DISCLAIMER- I consider myself both a Patriots fan and a rational person.
  1. The league had no hard evidence that Tom Brady was involved.
    The Wells Report used the phrase "more probable than not." You know what else is "more probable than not":that Goodell had seen the Ray Rice tape before everyone else.
  2. Roger Goodell is afraid of nothing
    This slew of penalties shows he isn't afraid of upsetting one of his biggest allies in the NFL ownership group. Also the first game of the 2015 NFL slate will be between a disgraced Super Bowl champ without its megastar, against Ben Roethlisberger.
  3. It's not fair to compare these penalties to the domestic abuse ones, but it's hard not to
    Ray Rice originally got 2 games. Greg Hardy was paid all year on the aptly named "Commissioner's List" even though he couldn't play. Same for Adrian Peterson.
  4. I can't wait to see the Patriots FU mode
    Do they go Marshawn Lynch in every interview? I hope. Do they stop wearing league licensed apparel? I hope. Do they run up scores? Do they start campaigns against the league?
  5. The idea of "a culture of cheating"
    Again, probably too broad and not fair. I'm sure the League would object to the idea of it being painted with such broad strokes like "culture of violence" or "rash of concussions."
  6. 2 Patriots staffers seem to be fired
    Will they be paid to be quiet? Will they talk about the team more now?
  7. Tom Brady can play preseason
    This seems so insignificant but again, I am fascinated. Will they play him? Will they not to get the back up ready? Will they not because why give the league a better TV audience?
  8. According to the decision, the NFL. is angry at Tom Brady for not turning over his phone
    Can you imagine the carnage if the league could go through all players' phones?
  9. Things probably on players phones that would be worse than 'Hey let's let some air out, Deflator."
    Suggested by @tonyreali