Who has the most on the line and the most interesting options for Thursday's NFL Draft first round?
  1. Buccaneers (1st pick)
    They have the first pick and are slated to take Jameis Winston. This comes with the obvious moral question plus the more cocktail party friendly banter about his questionable photographed weight.
  2. Titans (2nd pick)
    The number 2 pick means they have more options than the Navy running game. Mariota would fit well but a likely trade back means the Titans could get multiple first rounders or established starters.
  3. Eagles (20th pick)
    One of the many teams in play for Mariota via trade. Chip Kelly's biggest goal seem to be zagging where others don't even expect a zig. All they've done so far is trade their starting QB, starting RB, and brought in the league's most religious player.
  4. Chargers (17th pick)
    Also a trade-up contender. We know franchise enigma and consistent tantrum precipice dweller Phil Rivers wont be re-signed, so he could be Nashville bound Thursday night. Moving the Chargers to LA is a whole lot easier with a young stud QB.
  5. Browns (12th & 19th picks)
    The Browns are interesting because the season hasn't started yet. 2 first round gives them flexibility in either direction and possible facilitators of a 3way trade. They could be the belles of the ball.
  6. Bears (7th pick)
    Not exactly used to the Bears picking this early. A depleted defense is also something we're not so used to in Chicago, and likely the target need if stud WR Amari Cooper is already gone.
  7. 49ers (15th pick)
    This team lost a head coach, a veteran running back, two good cornerbacks, a great offensive lineman, and two star linebackers to early retirement. One of their more notable signings was a rugby player. Suffice to say, they need help, quick.
  8. Saints (13th & 31st picks)
    Another team that recently and rapidly lost its luster and doubled down on their bad year by trading their best offensive player to the Super Bowl losers.
  9. Cowboys (27th pick)
    3 of their last 4 first rounders have been offensive lineman and 5 of their last 6 first rounders have been Pro Bowlers. Say what you want about dysfunction in Jerry's World but this is a good drafting team. SNEAKY SUBPLOT- the love affair with Adrian Peterson
  10. Raiders (4th pick)
    Like the exciting white Airhead that was "mystery flavor" even though you knew it'd always work out worse than the flavor you really wanted.