Mayweather vs Pacquiao this weekend in Vegas would be the ideal setting for a big time caper. Here's who I'd recruit for my crew to take down Terry Benedicts's casinos:
  1. Neil deGrasse Tyson - Science and Technology Guy
  2. Don Draper - Smooth Talking Leader Guy
  3. Robert Kraft - Rich Project Funder Guy (who dabbles in mischief)
  4. Nik Wallenda - Acrobatics Guy
  5. Chris Pratt - Unassuming (but nonetheless good looking) Matt Damon Guy (who gets shit done)
  6. Rob Gronkowski - Crazy Chaos Brother Guy 1
  7. Timothy Simons - Crazy Chaos Brother Guy 2
  8. Nate Silver - Computers and Probability Guy
  9. Jordan Peele - Improvisations Guy
  10. Pitbull - Vegas Connections Guy
  11. Mike Ehrmantraut - Can Get Anything and Work Between the Law Guy