Had shrimp parmigiana this weekend on the Jersey Shore (because that is a sentence, I guess). Shrimp parm had me and others at the table ranking our favorite parmigiana dishes. Here's mine
  1. Chicken
    You don't mess with the classics. Chicken has the perfect thickness and texture. Also holds its breading best.
  2. Eggplant
    Also phenomenal. Mushier but often with more cheese, for the win.
  3. Meatball
    Harder to eat than the last 2. Also too dependent on the quality of meatballs. Still great.
  4. Veal
    Just too political and dramatic for the greatness when alternatives are available.
  5. Shrimp
    Watch out for those tails!
  6. Meatloaf
    This exists, barely, which is the only way it should exist.
  7. BONUS: Garlic Bread
    Honestly I have no idea if this exists. Did I just invent this? Is this French bread pizza? Either way it's still better than meatloaf parm.