1. Black Squadron has something the rest of SEAL Team 6 does not: female operatives.
  2. The team transformed the large, brightly painted “jingle” trucks popular in the region into mobile spying stations.
  3. "Omega Program"
  4. Six years later, Team 6 members jumped out of cargo planes into the Indian Ocean with their specially designed assault boats.
  5. “That is when the instinct for revenge is going to be strong. And war is not about revenge.”
  6. Geoffrey S. Corn, the former senior law of war expert for the Army’s Office of the Judge Advocate General.
  7. ... to capture or kill a Taliban figure code-named Objective Pantera...
  8. "And later on you realize, ‘Oh, maybe I overassessed the threat.'"
  9. [ed. That last one might be the most inadvertently Orwellian military euphemism of all time.]