A 12-part cycle of youth!
  1. running from bugbears turning corners, torch-lit halls is that a roper?
  2. hard, high boots for me extra chain mail for my horse off to see Elfrin
  3. the bloody dais features gruesome bas reliefs— an altar perhaps
  4. your little brother always just dies and complains he can’t play with us!
  5. removing the gem from the statue’s single eye lifts the portcullis
  6. dude has some long hair and always brings his own dice is he, like, twenty?
  7. the cave opens up to a vast, underground sea eerie dull lapping
  8. Let me find the page See, I told you already: elves get bonus throws
  9. grounded for three days maybe i’ll “hide in shadows” and roll characters
  10. too many trolls faster, they give chase — but wait: my handy caltrops
  11. Vanessa peeks in glimpses boys, maps, dice, candy spotted, she runs away.
  12. the four-sided die is called a tetrahedron; yeah duh I knew that