1. You mean you have never even just once been on the mummy ride?!
  2. If you like the Indiana Jones ride then you will LOVE this ride.
  3. There's one point where there's this skeleton, but the skeleton is scary, because it's dead, BUT if you're with someone who is scared, you just tell them that he's not dead he's sleeping.
  4. Ok, I was scared about the skeleton. That was me.
  5. The part where this other guy's head explodes is when they take your picture!
  6. I'm just tall enough to go on The Mummy. You have to be 48 inches tall. And guess how tall I am? 48 inches!!
  7. There's a point where you think it's over, but then you can't get off and you think you're never going to get off, which was ok by me.
  8. At the end, there's three mummies, and you should shake hands with the middle one. He's nice.
  9. We really must go together on the Mummy ride some day.