1. March Madness
    When teams became full of freshman who were about to jump to the NBA, I got less excited about college basketball. I loved the tournament when it was magical and we saw 3-4 years of stars develop as heroes. Now with seniors you wonder why they are still in school
  2. What time a TV show is on
    Who even watches anything when it is on now. I just binge watch on Netflix or catch it on Hulu
  3. What movies were coming out on Friday
    We had a kid so going out to the movies as a core weekend activity has passed. I am lucky to see more than 1-2 per year in a theater. But now I see a lot more at home and it is such a nicer experience
  4. The NBA
    I am a huge Seattle sports fan (where I grew up) so when the Sonics left for Oklahoma City of all places I gave up on the NBA. That said, the continued run of the Spurs and watching Stephen Curry light the world on fire have me thinking again
  5. What browser I use
    There used to be a whole debate about using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and later Safari or Chrome. Now I hardly ever use a desktop computer and just use whatever is the default.
  6. My hair
    I was just starting to lose it 10 years ago and was super panicked. Now it is mostly gone
  7. How to get somewhere new?
    I was still printing out and using maps to get around. Now who doesn't just use their phone and waze. I don't even look it up ahead of time anymore unless I need to find out how long it will take.