Judged in order of name/odor
  1. Wolfthorn
    Best odor and best name. Unbeatable.
  2. Fiji
    Great odor. Wish I was there (and not in a bathroom where I write most of my lists).
  3. Bearglove
    Great odor. The name confuses me a bit. Am I wearing the bear glove? Am I in the glove of a bear. Loses points for the name.
  4. Swagger
    Smell is ok. The name says it all.
  5. Lionpride
    Solid all around choice.
  6. Denali
    Smells great, but I don't care for the name. Is Denali a place? Is it a food? An animal? Do I even care?
  7. Timber
    If you like trees (or killing them).
  8. Hawkridge
    Another confusing name and confusing scent, but sometimes confusing + confusing = 8th best.
  9. Original
    Probably the least original name on the list ... and yet, it's also the most original (is your mind blown?).
  10. Desperado
    I've never seen or smelled this flavor before. But I imagine smelling like Antonio Banderas is probably not a bad thing.