Words That Contain Fu*k

Inspired by my surname. Why? What were you thinking?
  1. Funk
    And any variation. Funkadelic. Funktastic. Funkdaddy. Megafunk. Etc.
  2. Knuffle
    As in Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems. (I write picture books after all)
  3. Fruitcake
    Everyone knows fruitcakes never go stale.
  4. Skysurfing
  5. Faunlike
    So, a satyr?
  6. Chockful
  7. Cuckooflower
    Also known as the cardamine pratensis or lady's smock
  8. Firetruck
  9. Kerfuffle
    The best type of disturbance or commotion.
  10. Futtock
    13th century nautical term for one of the ribs in the frame of a wooden vessel.
  11. Kiwifruit
  12. Frankfurter
    Tastes great with a kiwifruit.
  13. Suckerfish
  14. Duckfoot
    According to Urban Dictionary: "Prison name for a life sentence or sometimes a nickname for someone serving a life sentence."
  15. Fluke