Many people may not know due to my spectacular color coordination with my wardrobes but I am colorblind.... Wow, sure feels good to get that off my chest on this semi public app
  1. Best - it's an excuse to be slightly more racist than a non colorblind person
    "I bet it was THAT guy who committed the crime" ... "Josh! You can't just assume that because of his skin color!" ... "What are you talking about....? I don't see color"
  2. Best - Girls think its cute when you DON'T match
    "Aww you thought that shirt was blue?!? That's adorable!!! Let's have sex!"
  3. Best - Girls think it's impressive when you DO match
    "Aww you actually match so nicely!! You look great! Let's have sex"
  4. Best - You get out of chores that women ask you to do.
    "Josh you need to go buy flowers and help me pick out a paint color" ... "You wouldn't want me picking out colors I'm sorry! Sex?"
  5. Worst - The "what color is this?" game
    "Your colorblind!?!?! What color is EVERYTHING I can point to right now" as if telling you I don't know isn't enough I now have to show you my weakness
  6. Worst - Trying to find the hidden messages in the color pattern pictures
    FYI, it is impossible for us
  7. Worst - Buying the wrong color clothing on accident.
    "Purple watch Josh?" ... "It's blue." ... "Nooo that's purple" ... "I know I'm just messing..." (CRAP! I bought the wrong watch)
  8. Worst - Not having pity sex for being colorblind
    This, so far, has 100% been the case. However, I'm still optimistic for the future because being colorblind all your life deserves at least one pity sex session.