After many years on his tail I have finally narrowed down Waldo's location to the following possibilities. If anyone knows more information please share it below.
  1. Abbottabad, Pakistan
    It seems that "hiding in plain site" is what Waldo has made a living on and where better to hide in plain site than Bin Ladens old house. Sneaky Waldo, but your stripes can't fool SEAL team 6!
  2. Caitlyn Jenner's vagina
    No matter how much attention is on Caitlyn, nobody, and I mean NOOOOBODY, wants to look anywhere near there.
  3. On tour with Nickleback
    Would anyone know?
  4. Going by "Hombre Oculto" in southern Los Angeles
    Due to a decline in business, the Where's Waldo franchise decided to hire an illegal immigrant to take over for Waldo. Waldo, taking the news poorly, moved to LA and got into crack. Fortunately, a few weeks later his red and white colors earned him an invitation to the Latin Kings. It is believed he now goes by the name "Hombre Oculto" and runs the largest crack operation in the entire northern Hemisphere
  5. Pretending to start apps under the fake name @bjnovak
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    Has anyone thought that maybe Waldo got wise and changed out of his normal striped clothing? Well I did, and I noticed immediately that Mr. Waldo and Mr. Novak share the exact same face.... IM ON TO YOU BJ/WALDO!