Some things I've heard over the years
  1. "It's just coffee"
    I had a horrible day at work as a barista and my boss was making me feel like shit. My coworker told me to remember this when I felt bad. Two years later I still think this. I like to parallel it to other situations now that I'm not a barista
  2. "Take a risk"
    Everyone should have a mentor. Mine told me this and I would've never done what I'm doing now. German major and pre-med? It's crazy but why not.
  3. "Tell your story"
    People always want to follow and be followed. I feel like so many people post on social media or try and be cool and fun but I think the secret is to be able to tell your story well. People who post the Starbucks cup they're drinking that day are boring honestly but those who leave me with an afterthought and tell their story well always interest me.