If you were wondering if "Burnt" was about food, let these put your mind at ease.
  1. "Burnt is overcooked."
  2. "Unless you also want a tremendous side of ego... Hearty helping of yelling, Burnt may be a dish to skip."
  3. "Burnt can't top off its plate..."
  4. "...Leaving only a slight tingle on the tongue."
  5. "Everything about Adams journey feels half digested and tossed back up."
  6. "Merely... Unappetizing."
  7. "Without enough meat on the bones of its story."
  8. "Bradley Cooper is a big fat hamburger."
  9. "The direction reminded me of a smoothie... full of mushed up fruit that made me sick!"
  10. "Call the fat firefighters, Burnt is barely even hot!"
  11. "Bradley Cooper may be a hot potato, but Burnt is a movie I haven't seen yet!"
  12. "Jon Favreau is plays as chef in Bradley Cooper's Burnt about food and love and life and family. I give the picture '4 cold broccoli's!'"