1. It can damage your penis
    She explained that if your underpants are too tight, it can mess up your penis in all sorts of ways. It could damage sperm count, cause a rash or just make you have to adjust yourself all day which is a turn off.
  2. Some women she knows have had issues with it
    She explained that even some of her female friends have had problems with tight underwear. Her dear friend Greta had underwear that was too tight for years and it made her VERY uncomfortable (for all those years).
  3. Her son wears huge underwear and he likes it
    She told me that her son (my uncle) is a little guy (and I can vouch for this because he is my uncle and I know him) but she found his underwear and it was huge.
  4. Tight underwear can make you irritable
    And nobody likes someone who is always complaining about that kind of thing.