1. Earnest
    Just come right in, say hi to your pals. Hard to go wrong with this one.
  2. Money Toss
    Kick the door open and throw money in before you enter. This way, once you arrive, everyone will know you're a generous person. They'll like you immediately and it'll give you a great opportunity to crack a joke like "who did this?" or "money for all my friends!" Funny stuff.
  3. Backwards
    This one is not for beginners. If you're feeling up to it, stroll in backwards (like American icon and dead person Mike Jackson). People won't know what to think...except this ballsy motherfucker is a trendsetter and id like to get to know him or her. FYI: If you trip, none of this will happen.
  4. Accent
    Pop in with an unexpected vocal choice. This'll keep your friends or any strangers you meet on their toes as they think to themselves "there is definitely something wrong with this guy, but I like him a lot."
  5. SWAT
    No better prank than kicking down a door in full SWAT gear. If someone gets hurt it's their fault for standing there. In this scenario, you are the police. When you pull that mask off, people will definitely applaud and cheer. Unbelievably strong entrance.