1. Black Male
    I believe this was an idea for a movie where a black guy gets blackmailed.
  2. The Woody Allen of Greece
    Not sure.
  3. Karate Jones
    I think this was a detective character of some kind.
  4. These boys are hot for trouble
    Not sure.
  5. She's a Greek mythology freak
    Some kind of character description for a romcom I believe.
  6. Hi I'm a discus agent. You are very good at discus. Take my card.
    This was some dialogue for a discus agent talking to a guy who was great at throwing discus.
  7. The trick to getting the part was to never let them know I was a radioactive potato
    This was behind the scenes dialogue for an actor who was actually a radioactive potato but was able to play that down in order to snag a role. I think this came up because a guy in the movie we were watching looked like a potato.