Things My Family Said During the Emmys

  1. Who is that?
    It was Jimmy Kimmel
  2. Who is that?
    It was Lena Headey.
  3. Who is that?
    It was Will Forte
  4. Who is that woman?
    It was Gabby Hoffman.
  5. Was that his wife next to him?
    Someone was sitting next to someone and my mom was wondering.
  6. God that is so awful, yuck!
    My grandma didn't care for Andy Samberg's butt antics!
  7. So they all run a cooking show?
    No, The Voice is a singing show.
  8. The set looks like a scorpion.
    I guess a little.
  9. Is this a new show from those religious guys?
    Oh man, I'm not sure.
  10. Lady Gaga looks so normal. It's because she's getting married.
    No comment.
  11. Haha is that Andy Sandler?
    He won my grandma back with a musical number later on.