1. God this dog is small
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    This is one of the smallest dogs I've ever seen. I keep saying hi but he just runs away. This is probably why most friends are approx the same height, and why I'm always freaking out my short friends.
  2. I could smush this dog
    I don't want to, but I definitely could. I'm watching my step today because I don't want to accidentally murder him and have to live with that. Somehow it seems avoidable and unavoidable at the same time. I don't like those odds.
  3. This dog needs armor
    If this dog could just get a little suit of armor I wouldn't be so worried. Worst case scenario someone knocks into him, it makes a clang, he rolls over a few times and he's totally fine. Rattled, but stronger for it.
  4. This dog may not last the day
    A coworker of mine just almost crushed him when they opened the door. This dog needs to be on an elevated surface or he will not survive. I want to assist him, but he won't let me get close enough to do anything. Starting to think he's not afraid of me, just too proud to accept help.
  5. A baby could walk this dog and it would look like a regular dog
    If a baby swings by the office today I'm gonna see if I can put that together.